Travel is Life Enrichment

Travel is Life Enrichment

Travel is a fun way to experience life. Travel allows us to challenging our boundaries, gain insights and expands our social interactions with lots of joy and wonder of the amazing diversity on our lovely planet.


Travel is Challenging

Travel make you step out of your comfort zone. Many people are afraid to travel because they are anxious in facing new surroundings, meeting strangers and speaking different languages. We are always timid in trying new things with the mindset of we cannot make it.  We get to learn how to act and respond to sudden and unfamiliar situations. We solve the problems with our own efforts when travel abroad. You discover the underneath talents and abilities in yourself when dealing with different circumstances. Successful in dealing with those unexpected situations boosts your confidences and enhance your capacity to adapt in a new environment. Travel abroad allows you to learn new languages or improve your second language as you are forced to speak out and practice in daily basis. A new language can open up your social circle as you can connect to more people even by just throwing around a few words of Japanese or knowing how to haggle over price in Thai. We can express our thoughts and understand the messages delivered by others with simple phrases and some body languages which made the conversation more fun and memorable. Travel gives you abundant interesting life experiences.


Travel is Eye Opening

Travel allows you to witness the sophisticated nature and experience richly colorful local custom in different countries. Every place possesses own histories and cultures that are meaningful and worth appreciated. We have a refined understanding about a culture when we are in that place seeing the world and to experience for ourselves. We develop cultural sensitivity as we are aware of the differences and fascinating cultural values in different areas. This widens our vision and improves our communication skills in both business and personal levels as we have deeper understanding on international issues and conflicts.  In addition, travel gives your different perspectives, as different people hold different values and point of views in life. As we meet different people through travel, we gain advices and unusual ideas when interact with them.  This enables us to see the world in other perspectives and become more open to new experiences within the diversity of world.


Travel is Connective

In hectic city life, reality and competition made the campus and workplace in tense, everyone becomes selfish and cautious in making friends. When travel to other places, we get to meet different people that share the same purpose by leaving behind those awful thoughts. We talk, laugh and share stories together. Travelers care and provide tips to each other in a new and unfamiliar place. The friendly locals who offer kindness to you warm your heart and make your trip memorable. You realize that pure friendship can be built easily regardless of our nation, races, colors and languages. Besides meeting new people, we also can have a short vacation with friends and family. As moving to another stage of life, everyone has his own life to lead, which slowly made the existed relationships become vulnerable and estranged. It is rare to meet up and not to mention that to have a vacation together as everyone is scattered around different places, has plenty of workloads or assignments and different holidays between college life and working life. However, a short road trip to other town or vacation to neighboring country once in a while with the ones you care is priceless. A simple pillow talk during bedtime or delightful game time can strengthen the intimacy of the relationships. Nothing are as precious as the moments spent and experiences made together.

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