The Wireless Era

The Wireless Era

The Wireless Era is a name frequently given to the scientific period upon which we are now entering, by people who realise only vaguely themselves what they actually mean by it. In reality there is a surprising relation between wire and wireless transmission. That they are not distinctly different phenomena may put new meaning in the phrase, “Wireless Era.”

The question has often been asked “Will all wires be done away with in the future?” Now the theory most generally accepted at present is that the energy of an electric current in ordinary wire transmission does not reside in the wire, but in the ether surrounding the wire, and that the wire is, as its name implies, merely a conductor to conduct or lead the current here or there.  Reference

From landline phone to smartphone, desktop to laptop, and now wireless charging, wireless headphone, keyboard, mouse, etc. We can clearly see the evolution in this technology. Wireless connections are indispensable to your smartphone since they allow you to communicate, stream videos, listen to music, surf the internet, etc. Of course, the wireless concept still developments to make towards new uses and new devices.

In terms of sound, Apple and some other manufacturers are among the forerunners since they have decide to dispose of the iPhone’s jack outlet. Apple wants to ensure the success of the Lightning cable and to further the popularity of wireless headsets/headphones. The Lighting cable is clearly a key element to the Apple ecosystem, but the desire for comfort allows wireless headphones to become more popular.

Recharging technology is also developing. While the “for or against the Type-C USB” debate occurs among Android fans, others still dream of a universal charging system being introduced. Simply putting your smartphone on a platform to charge it. No cable or wondering what type of cable you need. The downside of this technology is that it’s not really in the manufacturers interest, because they need to establish their micro system.

Over and above that, I would say that certain devices and accessories that still require a cable connection will soon be wireless as we are using more and more wireless technology in everyday life. It is possible that in the future, what we need is just insert microchips in our arm, we can make a phone call, send email, etc, without any devices.

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