The Factors Besides Salary of Choosing a Job

The Factors Besides Salary of Choosing a Job


Not many people can say that they love their work. It is such a miserable thing to me if I don’t like what I do usually for over 8 hours everyday. Just as when I was still a student, I can not tolerate the boring lecture although I clearly know that I would have a exam on it, then how can I tolerate a job bores me everyday with much longer hours?


A modern company is not just a machine where you earn your money. It can be a lifestyle, a place to study, both from the work at hand and the people working with. Working consumes the biggest percentage of our life. Choosing a job you like is really important, as marrying someone you love, since they will accompany you for the most part of your life. Your happiness largely relies on the satisfaction from your job. When a person is doing something they enjoy, the 9 to 5 working hours every day can pass very quickly and it doesn’t feel like a job anymore.


Salaries and promotions are not the most important factors when you consider whether to choose a job or not. The office morale and whether the work is interesting contribute more to a satisfying job. According to one survey conducted by The New York Times, “people care a lot about present benefits, such as doing something interesting with people they like.” Doing something you like and being surrounded with people you like would be a wake-up call in the morning. However, I have listened to too many friends’ complaints that every morning they wake up, the only thing they are thinking about is to resign today. The only motivation for them to continue with their job is that they have to survive so they need the money.


Bosses are also one very important element. Professional bosses are good mentors who can teach employers accurate knowledge and skills. The bosses also determine and foster the culture and value of this company, thus they are more likely to recruit the staff who share the similar values with them. A worker, who is even if very skillful, can not perform well in a company whose value contradicts with his or hers.


Research shows “People feel energized when the means and the ends collide; that is, when the process of doing something becomes the goal of doing it. We can apply this principle to increase satisfaction at work by selecting work that is inherently gratifying.” Even working with some non-profit organizations can be moneyless, if the workers’ goal is to address the social problems and improve the society better, they can still feel satisfied with their work.

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