The righteous on your social media

The righteous  on your social media

Here’s a thing, have you ever met someone that seems so righteous, and that she would do everything she can, in order to make the society “bias free”? Be it for woman empowerment, poverty, or even gay marriage. She is constantly pursuing an environment where everyone has a fair say in everything, and everyone treated equally.

Some people like her go on to parade to get a say, some write about it on their social media, some tell people around them and try to persuade others to be a part of her “fight”. She feels that what she did is going to change the society.

Here’s what she did on a normal day.

She sat at a cafe, while she is having her lunch, a guy with pink hair wearing deep v neck with tights came in and sat right beside her.

She did nothing, but she did feel uncomfortable at the sight. But unlike some other people that would’ve taken pictures of the guy and posted it online, she did nothing.

I thought she was different.

Until one day she was meeting up with her friends and she saw a girl wearing a similar v neck with the guy she saw that day. She told her friends what she saw a few days ago, saying that a man should never wear like this, and that he shouldn’t be wearing such deep v neck in a cafe. And describes the” hideous” and “funny” sight of looking at this guy.

After the meetup, she went home and wrote a status on her Facebook, talking about gender equality and supporting gay marriage, trying to advocate fairness in the society.

While what this girl did does sound bad, she is a reflection of people around us. Or are you guilty of doing something similar?

Screw other people, you wear what you want

And this is what I would call equality in the society.

You don’t advocate equality by just talking about it. Instead, you simply do not judge. We all decide what we can or should wear, and your outfit is not chosen by the opinion of others.

If you want to show your legs, you go get your skinny jeans or your hot pants, head off in it. If you want to show your boobs, you keep your heads up and do not feel sorry for doing so.

Gone are the days when we need to accept the opinion of others on what we wear, period.


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