Redefining “Gucci”

If you were asked how Gucci looks like, you might immediately think of…..


fuse-d gucci bagYup, the Gucci classic design- The double-G logo and the company’s trademark striped athletic ribbing.

A lot of us probably have already started growing sick of the double-G logo. Or for some, like me, simply feel that it doesn’t look appealing since the very start.


Some might even think of this.

fuse-d Gucci’s 2010 spring summer ad campaignFrom: Gucci’s 2010 spring summer ad campaign

The in-your-face sexy approach.


Gucci in the recent years

As a matter of fact, the brand never did appeal to me.

Not until this guy.

The unknown guy that totally redefined the name “Gucci”.

fuse-d alessandro michele gucci creative directorAlessandro Michele, Gucci’s creative director since the year 2015.

At his first collection in 2015, he showed the fashion firmament that Gucci is more than a major fashion house with high annual sales. Instead, a brand that empowers different forms of self. He was indeed unknown at that time, but he worked at Gucci for 13 years. Named the creative director two days after his debut runway, he brings vintage into the classic brand.

fuse-d gucci fall 2015 ready-to-wear collection

The Gucci Fall 2015 ready-to-wear collection.

You could see vintage elements taken from antique textiles that you have seen from your mother’s wardrobe from his collection. With the embroidered flora and fauna motifs, along with a sense of the handicraft Michele tries to weave into all his collections, people started turning heads.

He showed that menswear can be laces, ruffles, bows, embroidery, crocheting and floral details. Sending both men and women down the runway in similar outfits, he blurred the lines between genders. And his gender flexible fashion vision has been capturing hearts.

The crowd loves his collection, and him.

Michele’s Gucci remembered us about the freedom of self-expression. Under his direction, Gucci today is about sensuality, not sexuality. His collections appealed to people because they are “strong” yet wearable pieces, which everyone can mix into their existing wardrobe.

Alessandro Michele has been reviving the whole idea of Gucci, but his journey does not end there.

Gucci and The 50s

Gucci finally released its Fall/Winter 2017 fashion campaign after dropping hint on their Instagram account earlier this year, back in April with the series of casting videos featuring aliens, human animal hybrids, and cyborgs.

Accompanied with a B-movie style trailer, Gucci sure takes their collection to another level.

fuse-d gucci the 50s

fuse-d gucci the 50s 60s

Paying tribute to science fiction in the 50-60s, how is it possible to forget the iconic television series- Star Trek?

fuse-d gucci movie trailer

Pretty sure it inspired this scene:

fuse-d gucci movie trailer 2Alessandro Michele is truly the best thing that happened to the fashion industry, if not, at least Gucci. You can’t argue that when Kering’s (luxury group that owns Gucci, Balenciaga, Yves Saint Lauren, etc.) full year sales at 2016 exceeded 4 billion euros for the first time after Alessandro Michele reignite interest in the label.

Bringing his signature bright, bold patterns and floral and animal motifs in, Gucci even revealed a home ware line under the name Gucci Décor. Planning to be landing in stores and online this September, the collection of items is sure to spur great interest. And it won’t only be among fashion enthusiast.

You might think that you have seen it all, but Alessandro Michele never fails to surprise. From casting only all black models in Gucci’s 2017 pre-fall ad campaign to the most recent b-movies and star trek inspired collection, he sure has more up in his sleeves.

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