How Millennials are shaping the hiring process

How Millennials are shaping the hiring process.

With millennials making up an estimated 75% of the work force by 2025, its no surprise that the new generation of workers are changing the landscape of the hiring process.

The article tackles the idea that millennials come with their own views and leverage that are forcing companies to reshape the traditional process.

While it depends on the company and type of business, the two most common complaints are the extensive length and lack of feedback returned during the process. People simply do not wish to be shackled with the wait for an acknowledgement that may never come. This concept reflects in the local context as well, with most millennials being impatient and pickier with their future job environment.

This desire to find the best offer there is thus fuels the culture for applicants to apply for multiple sources and pick from the pool of positive returns. As smaller firms usually have quicker response times, they have a higher chance to scoop up the better applicants. It now becomes imperative for larger organisations to understand the change in attitude and adapt lest they lose the race.

As the article states: one can be choosy, but still must be decisive to seize the opportunity that sits at your door, over waiting for one that may never come.

New innovations are constantly arising that give way to better fields of work. It no longer becomes just a matter of picking the best paying jobs. Millennials value their freedom and work-life balance now even more so over previous generations.

The article argues that in the past, companies held all the cards during the hiring process. This fact still stands true even till today, but the nature in how the hand is dealt has changed. In order to attract the shorter attention spans of the new generation, organisations must be more creative in ‘selling and tailoring’ themselves to attract new blood. Millennials scrutinize presented benefits and pay more attention towards finding a place that grants them certain levels of freedom which they desire.

New innovations have also granted more opportunities for like-minded parties to find each other. Companies now have a large variety of online avenues to indicate their availability, while potential applicants are now able to better advertise themselves to recruiters.

These new channels have created a need to seek out talent as opposed to previously just waiting to be sought. Furthermore, it has allowed people to advertise their unique skillsets better, improving the exchange between talent and recruiter.

Recruiters are thus forced to be more ‘tech-savvy’ and must become more accommodating to a highly mobile generation when casting their net.

The accounting firm, Goldman Sachs, aims to rid first round face-to-face interviews in favor of video interviews. While the idea would greatly speed up the process, one needs to be weary as there is a certain loss of connection between interviewer and interviewee once its done digitally.

Millennials have indeed become a contributor towards the changing job hiring landscape. With advances in society, the younger generation have become accustomed to a world where efficiency is demanded and quick responses are expected. Call it impatience, or simply a better focus on what they seek, the younger generation have asserted and pushed their way into the new era of the workforce.



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