Let’s think outside the tent

Let’s think outside the tent
For some people, the word camping conjures images of peaceful streams, roaring campfires, and delightfully cheerful birds. For others, camping is nothing more than mud, mosquito bites, and the fear of a bear attacking you. But if you see it in another way, it’s the best opportunity for families and friends to bond together. Camping together as a family means learning and growing together. You’ll get an unforgettable trip filled with wildlife, fishing, hiking, and boating. All sorts of great outdoors experience that you’ll never experience in your daily life.

The traditional style, in a tent

fuse-d tentThis basic type of camping is relatively easy when you simply drive to an approved campsite, pitch the tent and get started. These campsites provide showers, fire-pits, restrooms and may have other amenities, including laundry rooms, game rooms, or even a swimming pool. This means you won’t need to worry a lot about planning.

When the most popular camping option would have to be tent camping, did you know that there are many other options that you could try?

Pack your stuff! We are going caravan camping!

fuse-d tentCurious about camping? Don’t have a tent or sleeping bag? No worries. Load your essentials in the caravan and stop anywhere, partake in outdoor camping activities and be close to basic amenities the same time! While it is also known as a recreational vehicle (RV car), most caravan come equipped with a bathroom, living room, kitchen and bedroom. You will have the freedom of travelling far and wide without worrying about accommodations.

Some might think that caravan camping limits your experience with the nature, but get down from your caravan! Make sure to explore the beauty of the surrounding area before you go home.


The luxury camping- glamping

A word derived from the combination of glamour and camping, is a type of luxurious camping. When you’re glamping, there’s no tent to pitch, no sleeping bag to unroll. Be it in a tent, hut, villa, cabin, cube or treehouse, glamping is for people who love the adventure associated with camping but do not want to sacrifice the luxury of their daily lives. You can still enjoy long hot showers and a nice cup of coffee in the morning, when all the essentials are ready for you.

Fish all day and let the chef prepare your catch while you relax with a glass of wine. What’s not to like?


Into survival mode? Try wilderness camping!

fuse-d wilderness camping
Going camping solo? What about wilderness camping?
Perhaps you’ve heard of 19th century American naturalist John Muir, the man who set out into the wilderness with only a journal and a bit of food? Yes, wilderness camping is all about being adventurous. And the most essential part? A good pair of hiking boots.

You will have no bathroom close by and no supermarket down the street. On the other hand, that means you’ll just have to pick a spot in the woods and fend for yourself. No sleeping arrangements, no campsite reservations. Wilderness camping requires you to be physically active to a certain level and even brave nature in its raw However, camping outside of designated spaces is illegal in some areas, so make sure you check the regulations before you go.


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