Keep It Cool: Reduce Your Carbon Emissions in 3 Simple Steps

Keep It Cool: How To Reduce Your Carbon Emissions in Simple Steps

So what if the rest of the world is going to make another new record for global carbon emissions? The sky is still blue and we have air-conditioning when it gets too hot… but did you know that air-conditioning is actually causing our own island to heat up exponentially? With the increasing amounts of carbon dioxide in our atmosphere trapping more heat, the only way forward seems to be getting hotter and not cooler.

So now we think: carbon tax, solar panels, electric cars… with so many formal measures already in place, what else can we do to keep the heat down and reduce carbon-emissions in the long run?

Go light on the accelerator

Needless to say the best way to reduce carbon emissions is to commute via public transport or even cycle for shorter distances. For those of us who own cars, ensure your vehicle does not contribute negatively to the environment more than it already does by making smarter driving choices – it can be something as simple as holding off the accelerator when driving on a road with traffic lights.

Shower cold

Ok, we get it. Not all of us are going to like showering in cold water no matter how healthy it is. But have you thought about how much energy and excess heat goes wasted in order for you to enjoy a hot shower? For those of you who don’t already mind cold showers to tackle the Singapore heat, good for you! Otherwise, consider striking a balance of lukewarm on average days.

Give your appliances a break

Other than turning off your appliances when they’re not in use, you might want to do some basic research on recommended usage too. For example, a standard air-conditioner should be set to between 25-27 degrees for efficient cooling. At the same time, making sure your windows and doors are well-insulated will play a huge role in ensuring that your rooms cool down faster. Always remember to not make your appliance work harder than it should.

We should all be doing our part in reducing carbon emissions – not for the environment but for ourselves, so that we can not only lower our energy bills but also preserve a healthy environment and community for the people who come after us.

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