Can Human survive without food or water?

Breatharianism is a doctrine and belief that human can live without food or water.
Breatharians believe everything a human body needs to survive is contained in the energy that surrounds it, and largely abstain from food and sometimes liquids. But breatharianism is not a diet, though it has been used as a weight loss technique. To its followers, breatharianism is a way of life. From a scientific point of view, human must consume food and water in order to survive, and our body needs nutrition to maintain our organ functions.

However, ‘breatharianism’ claims to have the answer to the worldwide food dilemma and to other food-related diseases: stop eating. Or rather, live off ‘prana’, which is a Sanskrit word that translates to ‘’life air’’ or ‘life force’’, and that’s what breatharians believe will give them sustenance.

Prana is defined as an energy that runs through, and connects all of creation. Breatharianism was founed on the belief that this energy is all the human body needs to survive, not food or water.
Breatharians are conscious of doing so, they can inhale prana through breath and sunlight.
This kind of behavior like Human beings will be photosynthesis.

Breatharians will started to become a vegetatian, and move to raw foods, then fruits, then liquids and finally to the ‘prana’. They will replace physical food with air and light as well as metaphysical nourishment. Breathariansim is different with Fasting. Fasting is a spiritually important aspect of most major religions.  Fasting is a behavior that ‘’starving with a religions’’, Mahatma Gandhi, the famed spiritual and political leader and humanitarian, referred to a complete fast as ‘’the truest prayer’’.
The main difference between fasting and the Breatharian approach to food is that fasting has an end point. Breatharianism is a total fast for life — that is, however long you live.

According to THE SUN(UK) 15th June 2017 News.
The American couple survives on a piece of fruit or vegetable broth just 3 times per week.
Camila and Akahi are breatharians since 2008 and claim that they haven’t eaten in nine years.
Beside that, Camila even practised a Breatharian PREGNANCY – not eating anything during the entire nine months that she carried her first child.
The married couple of nine years claim that their “food-free lifestyle” has improved their health and emotional well-being as well as meaning they can spend money on travelling rather than the weekly shop.

So do you believe?

Another News, The Most Famous Breatharian –
Perhaps the most famous champion of breatharianism is Jasmuheen, formerly known as Ellen Greve. She once claimed to have not eaten since 1993, but later admitted to eating occasionally, saying, “I will have a mouthful of whatever it is I’m wanting the flavor of.” Several interviewers visiting her home also noticed food in her kitchen, but she claimed it was for her husband.

Jasmuheen runs the Cosmic Internet Academy, travels all over the world giving lectures, and offers expensive retreats. She was given the Bent Spoon Award by the Australian Skeptics, an honor bestowed on those believed to have made “outrageous” psychic or paranormal claims.

On the other hand, a similar belief and practice is found in China and known as ‘‘ 辟穀’’, a kind of fasting for Chinese priests.

Can Breathariansim really be true? Can humans really stay alive without food or water?


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