How To Spread Vibes (Not Viruses) During Extended CB

Now that Circuit Breaker has been extended till 1st of June, what should we be doing for the next 31 days of stuck-at-home? For those of us barely staying sane during the past month CB, that question is enough to make us throw furniture out of HDBs or doubt the sincerity of our foreign workers falling sick (because infection is a choice and you better believe it).  

Rest assured that we’ve got you covered with some excellent ideas. Here are a few things you can start doing (if you haven’t already!) to protect yourself from becoming a threat to society: 

Reconnect with someone 
There are so many apps /platforms that we can use to talk to each other “face to face” nowadays that we no longer have the excuse to blame social distancing for that long-overdue reunion. Being trapped within four walls might just be the perfect time to revitalize old relationships. Give someone a call via Zoom or Hangouts and ask them how they’re coping with the pandemic– it could be a distant cousin, a classmate you’ve lost touch with previously or even your ex-girlfriend.  (Just tell your wife it wasn’t us who suggested that last one.)

Be serious (and legal) about having fun 
Challenge your friends to new things that you can do together onlinePlaying free gamesstarting projects, video yourself making Dalgona coffee, attempting 30-day fitness challenges or joining dance-offs on Tik-Tok… the list goes on and onNow that we have another month of craziness to go, at least make sure we are enjoying ourselves, even if it’s only for 30mins a day

Keep a diary (or confess everything you were going to write on there) 
If you’re a shy person, consider keeping a diary to record down your experiences, feelings and reflections throughout this crisis so your grandchildren can have something to laugh about next time. If writing is too much commitment, find a private space or platform  to share your thoughts anonymously and speak with others going through the same experiences. Jokes aside, we all need a listening ear and plenty of empathy during this difficult time. Don’t bottle things up!

Know what NOT to say online 
Now that the whole of Singapore (and most of the world) has moved onto the internet, the community of online trolls, keyboard warriors, digital rumour mills and conspiracy theorists has increased exponentially.  Don’t give them more fuel! Keep a cool head when verbal-sparring and always remember to spare a kind word for those experiencing hardship if you come across these poor souls during your digital foray.

Written & Edited by : Ron Ma
Published on : 22/04/2020
Image : Source/Mohit Suthar – Unsplash

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