Don’t be a victim of online scams!

Don’t be a victim of online scams!

During this unprecedented (and long!) stay at home period, it is only natural that a lot of people will feel bored. People are finding different ways to relieve their boredom, with online-shopping being one popular activity for many.

Unfortunately, as more turn to buying things online, there are also a lot of scammers taking opportunity to take advantage. For example, with the shipment of the popular Nintendo Switch console being affected by Covid19, many sellers are now raising the price of it. This has given rise to scammers who are selling their so called “refurbished” or second hand Switch console at a lower price to attract people to buy from them. Another “trade” which has seen demand rise, would be those who are selling face-mask during this period.

Having taken advantage of someone’s anxiousness to get these products, these “sellers” would then disappear into thin air once their victims transfer the money over to them.

So, how can we prevent ourselves from being scammed? Most scammers will request buyers to transfer money to them before they will courier the things to the buyer. So, cash on delivery may be the best way to prevent yourself from becoming yet another victim of scams.

Another way to prevent ourselves from being scammed is to look for a trusted and reputed e-store which is still operating and providing shipping service during this period. Most of them will have a Facebook page and website. Make sure you check their reviews and that you are comfortable before committing to a purchase.

Lastly, we also need to mentally prepare ourselves that this crisis will be long, and that our economy will be facing great challenges from the implications of the virus and measures to contain it. With the outlook uncertain, it may be better to be prudent with our finances during this moment. If it is not urgent, perhaps it is just a better idea to simply wait until we are able to go and buy from the store itself. After all, retail businesses too will need plenty of support!

Stay safe!

Written by : Ong Jia Quan
Edited by : Ling Weiming
Published on : 25/04/2020
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