A Confession of Truth?

A Confession of Truth?

The story:

Malcolm Howard, an ex-CIA agent, confesses to being part of a covert operation that orchestrated the demolition of World Trade Center Tower 7.

A 36-year tenure as an operative with an engineering background and experience in the demolitions industry, the 79-year-old was the perfect candidate for the job.

He initially never questioned his orders. It was for the greater good. He believed in the ideal. In a twisted way, this blind faith may have also attributed to his being selected for the role. Such a task needed followers; there was no room for men who questioned.

‘New Century’, as the operation has been aptly dubbed, was a task that would eventually shape the world. This careful operation was planned far in advance.

The crux came however, when the plan went off perfectly; too perfectly. Yet despite the apparent inconsistencies that surrounded the demolition itself, no questions were raised.


The tale was quickly debunked by several other news websites over the following days, citing lack of official sources among other things.

Ever since the fateful event, there have been numerous conspiracy theories and debates that argue over the truth; experiments and scientific studies combed over each detail to raise their own ideas of what truly took place.

Despite the passing of the years however, no real change has actually taken place; no revelation or incredible “truth” as is often claimed every now and then.

Whether this is due to the supposed shadow organization quelling the fire or the simple disinterest of the public, perhaps the reason stems from the way the media is used to shape thought.

Perhaps it was never about the theories or the confessions; there was an abundance of it. Maybe the goal was never about an old man digging up the past, but his hopes of raising awareness to a matter he simply couldn’t keep secret; all the while knowing the world would move on regardless. Change would never come.


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